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Processing of applications for a cash payment lodged by Pole’s Card holders has been suspended

Payment of cash benefits for Pole’s Card holders is funded from the special reserve of the state budget. Funds for the implementation of tasks are prescribed by the Act on the Pole’s Card amounts 55 000 000 PLN. Minister of Internal Affairs announces in the Public Information Bulletin the suspension of consideration of applications if the total amount resulting from applications for a cash payment with a payout period in a given year reaches the equivalent of 75% of the amount prescribed by the Budget Act (55 000 00PLN). When the voivods receive such information they stop the examination of applications, starting from the day following the date of announcement of the information by the Minister of Internal Affairs. From the information provided by provincial offices to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration, it appears that the total amount necessary to secure the payment of cash benefits, resulting from the applications submitted so far by foreigners, has reached the level specified in the Act. Applications for the cash payments for Pole’s Card holders lodged after January 18, 2019 will be considered after increasing the special reserve.

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