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Public Interest Law Fellowship


Hello, I am Timur Yakimenko!
I am from Kryviy Rih city, situated in central Ukraine.
Since 2013 I have lived in different cities in Ukraine: Dnipro, Kharkiv, and Lviv, where I have been studying and working.
My bachelor’s degree in Law was obtained in Kharkiv in 2020.
Then I decided to study for my master degree in a Ukrainian Catholic University(Lviv) with a “Human rights” major. Due to that choice, I can participate in the Public Interest Law project organized by the Rule of Law Institute Foundation in Lublin.
Since 2017 I have been practising as a lawyer assistant and last year also as a solicitor.
In the future, I am going to be a barrister because I like competition and hate red-tapery.
I understand that an active position in the Public interest law can be a weapon against a wrong policy that violates human rights. There are vast tons of issues in the legal system which have to be worked out!
Therefore I was intrigued when I received the proposal from the Rule of Law Institute Foundation in Lublin.
I am an energetic and enthusiastic person. That is why, besides Law, I like sports(athletics, hiking, boxing), travelling and delicious cuisine, rock music and Spanish guitar.
Thanks a lot!
Tim Yakimenko


My name’s Olena, and I’m one of the fellow students at the Public Interest Law project organised by the Rule of Law Institute Foundation in Lublin.
Originally, I’m from a town in north-western Ukraine, which is called Lutsk. However, I received my bachelor’s degree in Public International Law and English-Ukrainian Translation in Kyiv. I’m currently a master’s student at Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv, and my major is Human Rights Advocacy.
Since childhood, I’ve been into foreign languages. Apart from Ukrainian and Russian, I speak English, German and keep mastering my French, Arabic and Turkish. I’m fond of debates; that is why I was a member of Debate Clubs at school and the university. I can do public speaking and not be anxious!
I love looking into geopolitical conflicts, and I’m always up to date about the world situation. My true passion is solo travelling, especially to exotic countries. Now I keep working on my dream – to visit all the countries of the Middle East till I’m 25.
I’m also pretty much engaged in civil activism. I’ve been a project manager in a liberal youth NGO in Ukraine for five years. We deal with youth politics, female leadership, human rights and climate change. As my professional background, I worked as a paralegal in the field of arbitration and international dispute settlement.


My name is Bartosz. Last year I graduated from European Union law. I am currently in the 3rd year of Polish law.
I am interested in human rights and the rights of refugees in Poland, especially its implementation and compliance. In my future career I would like to use my interests, knowledge and experience gained during this project.


My name is Sofiya Hrytsyuk (but I usually go by Sonya) and I’m one of the fellow students at the Public Interest Law project organised by the Rule of Law Institute Foundation in Lublin.
I was born in Lviv, I acquired my bachelor’s degree here and now I’m a master student here in Ukrainian Catholic University. 
Battles and challenges have always been the units my life consisted of. Everything I do, I perceive as a challenge internally. This Program is not an exception. Throughout my master studies I’ve constantly pursued the aim of putting my theoretical and idealistic mind to something more practical. And that’s exactly what I’m doing here – trying to embody my vision of a legal system suitable for a state governed by the rule of law through the Public Interest Law project.
Besides law, I’m into science fiction books, languages and linguistics, paradoxes and logical puzzles, big talk and dad jokes.
Sofiya Hrytsyuk


My name is Michał Chaciński. I was born in Lublin, where I also graduated from the Faculty of Law at the Catholic University of Lublin. I am interested mainly in civil law. In my free time I like to travel. I am also interested in film and literature.

Project is funded in part by a grant from the United States Embassy in Poland


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