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Project “Migrants have right to have rights”

Since November 2020, the Rule of Law Institute Foundation has been implementing a two-year project “Migrants have right to have rights”, supported by a grant from the Active Citizens – National Fund program, financed by the EEA Funds. The beneficiaries of the project are refugees and migrants who are in the procedure for the obligation to return and who are placed in guarded centers. Among the beneficiaries are also migrants who intend to submit an application for international protection at the Polish border, who will need legal assistance prior to its submission due to persecution.

In the first half year of the project implementation, we travelled almost 7,000 km

The presence of lawyers at meetings with foreigners and their participation in activities carried out by the authorities is essential, while the centres for foreigners are located in several provinces. Therefore, it is necessary to undertake intervention and monitoring trips in these matters.

Until May 2021, we travelled almost 7,000 km. We visited Terespol in order to help foreigners submit an application at the border. We took part in foreigners’ cases before the courts in Kętrzyn, Przemyśl and Białystok. We also met with project beneficiaries at centers for foreigners in Kolonia Horbów and Biała Podlaska.

We went to Warsaw several times, where at the Office for Foreigners we participated in the interview of foreigners and we reviewed the specific case-related documentation of migrants at the headquarters of the Council on Refugees.

We were in Mielnik for the first time, where at the Border Guard Post we reviewed the files of several foreigners who asked the Foundation for help.

Legal interventions

As part of the project, a legal advice point for refugees and migrants was established at the IPP office, thanks to which foreigners have the opportunity to seek advice, legal representation or interventions in asylum and return matters. By May 2021, already 68 migrants received legal aid, under which 20 interventions were undertaken. This include:

Within seven months from the start of the project, our lawyers prepared 4 legal opinions on border issues for foreigners applying to enter Poland and 5 appeals on the obligation of foreigners to return.

In addition, the attorney-at-law team, as part of the interventions they undertook, prepared:

and obtained compensation for unjustified detention of a visiting professor of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Projekt realizowany z dotacji programu Aktywni Obywatele – Fundusz Krajowy, finansowanego z Funduszy EOG


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