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Asylum, Migration, Integration

Lublin MigraTeam

Lublin MigraTeam is a project co-financed by the National Program of Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and the state budget. The main activities of the project are:

  1. Integration and legalization guidance, under which we provide free, professional legal advice on matters related to residence issues, as well as the practical aspects of these matters,
  2. Legalization and integration counseling, the purpose of which is to enable migrants to take advantage of free, professional legal advice on the rights and obligations of foreigners in Poland, in particular employment rights, informing migrants to which authorities they should refer to with specific problems, as well as assistance in drawing up letters and support in the integration process,
  3. Workshops for foreigners conducted in five thematic series. The thematic scope of the workshops includes, among others ‘Rights and obligations of an employee in Poland’, ‘legalization of stay in Poland’, ‘starting work/running a business in Poland’,
  4. Login: Lublin Program, which is all about gathering/expanding the database of commercial partners and negotiating discounts and special offers for foreigners participating in the project and having a Login: Lublin card,
  5. The Migration Library is a unique activity in the region and the country, as the Library’s collection consists of nearly 2,000 publications in various languages and is made available to all interested parties,
  6. The Polish language course with elements of culture provides for the organization of classes for 8 groups of 60 lessons. Additionally we plan to organize few classes devoted to Polish culture,
  7. Integration Events – as part of the action, it is planned to organize several cultural and sports events, presenting Polish culture to foreigners, increasing their contact and integration with Polish society.
  8. Quarterly working meetings of the Lublin Regional Immigrant Support Network are activities associating entities whose task is to support immigrants in the process of social integration. The main assumption of this activity is the exchange of experiences and an attempt to indirectly improve the activities of Lublin offices and institutions.


We cordially invite you to actively participate and implement the above-mentioned activities together.

Please contact us:


e-mail: migrant@panstwoprawa.ort

tel. 881 91 71 71

Project Lublin MigraTeam is co-financed from National Programme of Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and the state budget. Safe Harbour.

Legalization and Integration Counseling
Workshops for foreigners
Login: Lublin Partnership Program
Migration Library
Polish language
Integration Events
Legalization and Integration Counseling

Information Center for Foreigners is run as part of the Lublin MigraTeam project and its major activities are:

  1. Legal guidance within which we provide free, professional assistance related to the stay of foreigners on the territory of Poland
  2. Legal counseling which involves the practical aspects of procedures for legalizing the stay of foreigners in Poland
  3. Integration guidance aims to provide free, professional legal advice on the rights and obligations of foreigners in Poland, in particular employment rights,
  4. Integration counseling which includes providing information to migrants, which institutions they are to refer to with specific problems, as well as assistance in preparing letters and support in the integration process,

The Information Center for Foreigners operates from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am till 4:00 pm, Mondays and Thursdays 8:00 am until 6:00 pm. We also provide guidance and counseling via phone and email.

The Information Center for Foreigners

Rule of Law Institute Foundation

Chopin 14 Street, room 83 and 84

20-023 Lublin

Email: migrant@panstwoprawa.org

* Please contact us by phone to arrange the date of the visit

Infoline: 881 91 71 71

Workshops for foreigners

Workshops for foreigners will be conducted in two editions within five thematic blocks each.

The first thematic block is mainly addressed to foreigners who have already worked in Poland. It will concern the rights of a foreign employee, COVID solutions, as well as issues related to legal residence and the legal work possibilities in Poland.

Workshops within the second thematic block will be addressed to newcomers and will concern the items of legalization of stay in Poland.

The third thematic block will be devoted to issues related to taking up a job in Poland: job searching, writing a CV and a cover letter, preparation to the job interview.

The fourth thematic block will concern the legal employment and setting up a business in Poland ant it  will be addressed to foreigners who are last year students. It will cover issues related to the possibilities of taking up a legal work as well as setting up an own business in Poland.

The fifth thematic block will cover the issues connected with the rights and obligations of foreigners during their stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland.

The main aim of these activities is raising the legal and social awareness of foreigners, which will have a positive impact on the integration process, as well as the process of acceptance of foreigners by Polish society.

More information will be published on the website: www.loginlublin.pl  and on the Login:Lublin fanpage.

Login: Lublin Partnership Program

Login: Lublin Partnership Program is another part of the “Lublin MigraTeam” project.

In order to improve and diversify foreigners’ life in Lublin, we offer Login:Lublin cards that allow foreigners to have discounts or special offers and promotions from our business partners. Among our partners are: coffee shops, bookstores, restaurants, real estate agencies, gyms, photo salons, driving schools etc.

Currently we cooperate with around 40 enterprises. We plan to broaden the network of partners and expand our offer  for Login:Lublin cardholders.

Information on our Partners is available on our Facebook fan page, VK and www.loginlublin.pl. If you are interested in becoming our Partner, please contact us at loginlublin@panstwoprawa.org.

Login: Lublin cards are exclusively for third-country nationals living in Lublin. Thanks to the discount card, foreigners may expect various discounts and rebates from our partners.

Through these special offers, we encourage foreigners to visit restaurants, cafes, clubs and shops in Lublin. If you are interested in obtaining a Login: Lublin card, please contact us by e-mail at loginlublin@panstwoprawa.org or check our website www.loginlublin.pl.

Migration Library

The Migration Library is not only a collection of publications, but it is also a reading room, conference room and meeting place. The Library’s collection includes over 2,000 publications in various languages. The publications mainly concern Migration problems, European Union law, Human Rights, Polish law, culture and history. Library resources are available to everyone and can be used at the library or be borrowed on the basis of free reader card.
The library is available from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 16.00.

Polish language

Polish language course enriched by elements of culture  – are classes for young people and adults that will last throughout the project implementation at one of three levels (basic, intermediate, advanced), depending on the group needs. Language courses will be carried out by Polish language teachers who have experience in conducting classes for foreigners.

During the project implementation Polish language classes will be organized for 8 groups of participants. Two-hour classes will be held twice a week. Each edition will include 60 – hour course (54 hours – Polish language classes, 4 hours – Polish culture classes, and 2 hours – a guide walk around Lublin).

Please contact us via e-mail: POLSKA@panstwoprawa.org

Integration Events

Under the project activities, several cultural and sports events will be held. Those events will introduce Polish culture to foreigners, increase their contact and help to integrate within Polish society, and promote the idea of integration and mutual understanding.

Such events as: a visit to the Lublin Village Open Air Museum, International Football Tournament with an integration grill and a Talent Contest concert with the participation of foreigners are planed under the project activity. All details will be available on the website www.loginlublin.pl and on the Login: Lublin fanpage.

You’re welcome.


Partners and Sponsors

  • Law firm Paulina Walczuk
  • Beck
  • EEA Grants
  • EFS
  • RTVeuroAGD
  • FLOP
  • HFPC
  • Kapitał Ludzki
  • Kurier Lubelski
  • Lubelski klub biznesu
  • PFDiM
  • Radio Lublin
  • Lbn miasto inspiracji
  • LUW
  • MSW
  • CPP Halina Nieć
  • NPI
  • Obywatel i Prawo
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  • Politechnika Lubelska
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  • CEE
  • Miasto Lublin
  • Jagiellonian Law Society
  • UE
  • FIO
  • Fundacja im. Stefana Batorego
  • Polsko-Amerykańska Fundacja Wolności
  • KUL
  • Instytut Spraw Publicznych
  • Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Lubelskiego w Lublinie