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Asylum, Migration, Integration


Project co-financed by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and by the national budget of Poland is a continuation and development of Institute’s actions undertaken within the previous years. The project is a reply on foreigners’ problems connected with integration and availability to goods and services that were diagnosed  by the Institute (the research done in 2013).

The main project assumptions is realization of following aims:

– Information,

– Integration,

– Raising legal awareness of foreigners,

– Support on the labour market and assure the equal chances within this matter.

Realization of aims mentioned above will be made by the undertaken actions:

– Organization of seminars for foreigners within three theme series: legalization of stay, raising prospects on the labour market,  taking up a job in Poland,

– Leading and improving ‘Login:Lublin” programme that is based on two elements:

– information Internet service – communication means and the source of information for foreigners which contains website www.loginlublin.pl and Facebook fanpage  www.facebook.com/lognlublin,

– Partner Programme directly engaging local society (entrepreneurs of Lublin).

– Polish language course,

– Publicized Newsletter,

– Advertising campaign  ,

– Conducting Migration Library.

We invite for taking part in the project and take benefits from its actions.


Project MIGRANT! LOGIN:LUBLIN is co-financed
from National Programme of Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and state budget
Safe Harbour

Migration Library
Partner Program
Login:Lublin Card
Polish language course

Tomasz Sieniow – Internet Information Service Editor

Krzysztof Chrześcijanek – Project Promotion Specialist

Małgorzata Nowakowska – Specialist for “Login:Lublin” Partner Programme

Serhiy Pavlovskiy – Cusomer Service Specialist

Iryna Ilyashevych – Seminar Specialist

Migration Library

The Migration Library is not only the simple collection of publications of the Rule of Law Institute Foundation but also a reading room, conference room and a place for informal meetings.

The idea of the Migration Library is unique in the Lublin region and also in the whole country. The Library contains more than 1300 books and this number of publications is still increasing. Publications of the Library are mainly concerning migration problems, European Union Law, Polish Law, culture, history. Additionally, collection of the Library consists also of many foreign publications written in different languages.

Publications are available to everybody. The only condition is setting up a free Reader Card. Books can be taken home for a month or another option is to read them in the reading room.

The Library is available during the office hours : Monday-Friday from 9.00 a.m. till 4.00 p.m.

Information about brand new books every can see on the Internet Information Service or receive via newsletter “Login:Lublin”.

In order to organize some meetings the Migration Library with the Internet access is open every Thursday from 4.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. And every can use this opportunity.

We invite You to join our library.

Catalog Migration Library


The Rule of Law Institute

14 Chopin Street Apt. 70, 20-023 Lublin

phone/fax: +48 81 532 40 69

532 006 773


e-mail: loginlublin@panstwoprawa.org

Partner Program

Login:Lublin Partner Programme is another part of the project. The aim of this action is to help foreigners living in Lublin in getting goods and offers from local entrepreneurs. The foreigners getting Login:Lublin Card get the special discounts and offers from our Partners.

We work with more than 50 partners and every of them offers special discounts for the card owners.

The news about our new Partners are available on facebooku and www.loginlublin.pl.

To get Login:Lublin Card contact us on this phone number 532 006 773.

If you are interested in becoming our Partner contact us on loginlublin@panstwoprawa.org or 532 006 773.

Login:Lublin Card

Login:Lublin Card is another part of the project MIGRANT!LOGIN:LUBLIN. These cards are dedicated to the Third Country Nationals living in Lublin. These cards allow foreigners to pay in many places in Lublin with discounts prepared on Login:Lublin Partner Programme. Using these special offers we encourage foreigners to visit restaurants, clubs, shops in the whole Lublin. Leaving their known places, they start integrating in Lublin.

If you are interested in getting Login:Lublin Card we encourage you to contact via email loginlublin@panstwoprawa.org or check our website www.loginlublin.pl.


In the frame of the project we provide 3 series of seminars for students coming from the Third Countries. The seminars are prepared for students from universities of Lublin:

-Marie-Curie Skłodowska University in Lublin

-The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin

-Lublin University of Technology

-Medical University of Lublin

-University of Life Sciences in Lublin

-University College of Enterprise and Administration

-Vincent Pol University in Lublin

-University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin

The themes of the seminars:

I seminar: legalization of stay, Polish law, the Border Guards competence and cultural issues

II seminar: internships, volunteering, how to write proper CV

III seminar: work, legalization of work, providing one’s business

If you are interested in more details about seminars, do not hesitate to call the number 532-006-773 or e-mail us on loginlubin@panstwoprawa.org.

Polish language course

Polish language course is provided in the frame of project MIGRANT! LOGIN:LUBLIN. The aim of this course is to decrease language barrier of the Third Country Nationals living in Lublin. We believe that thanks to the polish language course the foreigners will get a helping hand to integrate with the city, Lublin citizens, enhance their situation on a job market and solve their communication problems. These days, we teach two groups: elementary and advanced.

On the October 2016 we will be having a new recruitment to new groups. If you are interested in getting more information about  the polish language course do not hesitate to contact MIGRANT! LOGIN:LUBLIN team on loginlublin@panstwoprawa.org.


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