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Rights and obligations of refugees in Poland

Authors:  Monika Gwiazda, Justyna Jellinek, Teresa Jura, Joanna Oleszkowicz, Paulina Pankowska, Anna Pawelec, Tomasz Sieniow (ed.)

This handbook has been prepared both for people who are during the refugee procedure, and for  those with completed procedure. The substantive extent of the publication involves the issues concerning the types of protection granted to foreigners in Poland, the stay of foreigners in Poland during refugee procedures, and the situation of foreigners who have received the refugee status in Poland, subsidiary protection or permit for tolerated stay. The handbook also describes in detail the proceedings for granting refugee status and the judicial control of the administrative decisions in the refugee procedure.

Due to the fact that the handbook is addressed primarily to foreigners who try to receive protection in Poland, it was issued in bilingual versions – Polish and Russian. However, it includes a lot of useful information for people who contact the refugees in the workplace.


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